Punjab Fooodie

We are a group of Food loving people and shall try and document all types of food available in and around the State of Punjab ,Kindly share your experiences with others and be guided by what others have experienced.

There is a BIG NO on certain things which as a group, we do NOT allow:

  • any links or URLs except for Punjab Foodie’s own, Facebook links, Email Ids and phone numbers are allowed to response to a query but not otherwise.
  • Any picture of any food product made by any member with the intention of selling it should not be displayed on Punjab Foodie group. All the Home Cooks/bakers or Caterers In case they are uploading/displaying up a dish they have made for self consumption, a line saying so will elucidate matters.
  • No albums or Events or Pics from other facebook pages/groups/website etcetra should be shared on this platform.
  • We do not allow any sort of promotion of any other Facebook Page/group/website etcetra.
  • We do not allow any mercantile activity ,inclusion of hotels/restaurants nor do we allow commercial promotions by any business houses or their friends/associates.
  • Any Hotel/Eating joint/Restaurant/Business entity who is desirous of doing promotional activity on this forum should approach the Group administrators and on consultation we can allow the Activity if it is found suitable and beneficial for the forum/group members. Punjab Foodie is a Not-For-Profit group and any such benefits will be directly passed on to the forum members.
  • We strictly do not consent to anyone posting photos without any description, or posting personal photos.Publishing of photos that have not been clicked by the members themselves, or the ones that are not connected to food or those have any copyright issues etcetra.
  • Punjab Foodie respects all cuisines from all parts of the country,humanely avoid disrespect.
  • Pls do forbid the use of scorn, discourtesy, unpleasant language, arrogance, favouritism/racial discrimination or anything of political/religious nature and the same is not ALLOWED
  • The Language of the Group shall be English. While sporadic references to Hindi are fine, kindly abstain from using Punjabi or any other language, for easy conception by everyone.
  • Breach of Intellectual property and copyright.
  • We do not allow any Hotels/Restaurants/Eating Joints/Companies in this group, but we welcome individuals from all these Hotels/Restaraunts/Eating Joints/Companies to join our group.
  • Members are buoyant to get together for Hotels/Restaurants/Eating Joints/Business Entities /Companies/dhaba explorations, food walks, etcetra and reviews/pictures are welcome on the group, as long as the focus of these reviews and pictures is food and food alone and not people. Any sort of commercial deal or discounts or freebies, in the name of Punjab Foodies or otherwise, is forbidden.
  • Pls Note that Repeated violations after advising the members to refrain from such activities can lead to expulsion from the group.